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Defining Local

Sourcing local is about relationships. It’s about finding the passionate suppliers who work hard for their cause. It’s about embracing seasonality + taking the road less traveled. Come along for the ride at one of the best places to eat locally sourced food in Banff.


Bison Belong

Not that long ago, Plains Bison (Buffalo) were almost extinct — we had nearly wiped their population from the face of the earth during the 19th century.

The Bison Belong campaign began as a citizen-based effort to support the reintroduction of wild plains bison back to their natural habitat in Banff National Park.

- Elanor Luxton Historical Foundation

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Alberta Bison

A cut above the rest, Bison meat is a delicate flavorful delicacy. Lean, tender & the perfect hint of game.

Producer Spotlight - BROXBURN VEGETABLES

Paul & Hilda de Jonge have 80 acres, five kilometres east of Lethbridge, 1km south of Highway 3 on the Broxburn road. On the property they have a three acre greenhouse where they grow all of the best vegetables you can find.

“In the greenhouse we grow crops the biological way; meaning that we introduce natural predators instead of spraying chemical pesticides to kill the pests. The most common pests found on peppers are aphids. The predators are purchased from around the world and introduced into the greenhouse on a weekly basis.

We choose our variety of tomatoes carefully so that the customer gets the maximum flavour. Harvesting vine ripened tomatoes daily ensures mother natures best benefit. We also grow long English cucumbers, mimi cucumbers, eggplant, beans and butter head lettuce in the greenhouse. Harvest in the greenhouses starts in February with mini cucumbers and continues until December when we clean out the greenhouse and put in the new crop.”